December 6, 2012

Haven’t posted since August, that’s because of this thing. Working on my thesis! Here’s me with three posters advertising it.  Image



WRJ Summer, in Brief

August 7, 2012

Spent a lot of time TAing the CCS Summer workshops this summer…

And swimming in tea-colored river water…

And uh, yeah drawing. Mostly snarky magical girls and sketchbook doodles.



Back to WRJ, Back to Work

July 6, 2012

ImageSo sometimes, it’s honing your skills, beating them into submission, and sometimes, you know, it just feels like blunt force trauma to the head.

Alright, so I’m back in Vermont. No more of this excessive taco eating, California-fun-time. It’s now back to makin’ comics and makin’ comics and, this summer, helping make comics! I’m going to TA for CCS’ Summer Workshops. Woohoo.

And here’s a sketchbook page. More at my comics tumblr.

Anyway, my last week in CA included a quick zip up to Los Angeles for the weekend. I sort of regret not buying loads of mole at Guelzateca in Koreatown, but I did have this amazing horchata.


Then we went to the Getty Center, basked in the sunshine, and went to the Herb Ritts retrospective.   And then we went to the Melrose Trading Post, which is a flea market at a high school. We used to go when we were college students and it’s grown a lot. But ever feel like you are marketed to a little too directly? Aka “when did I become a cliché of a person?” Ah well, I got some cool dresses and fished around some old photographs. I bought a couple slides and negatives. Don’t know what I’ll do them with, but I’ll be sure to post them up soon.

Also, cons this season! I confirmed my plans to be at SPX and at MICE this year. Probably more to come.

Anyway, still tired from the jetlag, will post more later.


The Wilds of San Diego

June 25, 2012

So, I finished my 15 day housesitting/no car imprisonment term at my parents’ house. Of course, the long hours (of marathon soap opera/Morgan Freeman explaining the universe) were punctuated by visits from friends, etc. I’m in CA for another couple weeks, but now I get to fully enjoy its CA-ness, in a freer kind of way.

Delicious, thy name is pollo asada fries. Not shown in its slathered glory: heaps of guacamole gold.

I got a chance to go to the fair and gorge on fried food, watch little piggies run, and get kinda sorta hit on by a man in a lamb costume. Other activities include taking field trips to the Japanese market, enjoying green tea kit kats, Bourbon cake rolls (oh like, Ho Hos, but mini and yellow-cakey and so high class and better), and Japanese spaghetti packets (cod roe in a tube, spread over pasta in seaweed? So good, yet maybe not the best breakfast food in the world).

I also have been, yes, drawing somewhat, but mostly planning/writing/practicing for the big thesis year ahead/submissions for anthologies/projects that I want to work on in WRJ. I have so much planned, let’s see if I finish them. You can see some of my sketches and doodles here. To be honest, I’m mostly on tumblr now anyway, sort of making an internet collage of what catches my fancy. I think Laurel once called it being an intellectual magpie?


Twiddle, Twiddle, Doodle, Doodle

June 2, 2012


And eating noodles. Well, sometimes. I also have been making brownies.

Anyway, how to spend that long stretch of summer between CCS years 1 and 2? I should be working on some projects I have lined up. It’s a lot of writing and I don’t know if I’m quite prepared for that sort of undertaking right now. To procrastinate, I’ve been practicing drawing pretty boy faces. I think I have to work on drawing different types of faces and am experimenting with style. I also bought a brush pen! So here are a couple of pages from my notebook. I’m sorry that it isn’t very substantial. Image

Let’s see, well right now I’m in San Diego for a month (carne asada fries pictures forthcoming) and chilling out. I went and (err, was fairly grumpy at) MeCAF, lobster roll pictures forthcoming. What else? I don’t know, what else really, I probably forgot a ton of stuff that happened… But lately I’ve been obsessed with using gelly roll pens and staedtler pens to color, in very non-CYMK friendly hues. I want to experiment more with different kinds of color printing… and hmm… I’m writing a couple of different projects in my head right now (not so much on screen yet, but I do go through a very long fantasize and brainstorm process).

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean soap operas, as evidenced in the comic I did for the Cartoon Crier. Which is a collaboration between CCS and the National Cartoonist Society. You can read it for free online here. My current favorite that I’ve been re-watching and re-watching and re-watching (and not just because Hyun Bin is a hot jackass in a sparkly tracksuit) is Secret Garden. Basically, it’s about a chaebol son who switches bodies with a stuntwoman and it’s AMAZING. And totally illogical. I guess I’ve been wrestling with that question of why it’s amazing and how it pertains to my own work. How far can someone go with ridiculousness while still being affecting? How can one take cliches and make them a) still emotionally pulling while b) fulfilling all expectations of that cliche, and sometimes not even subverting it? Anyway, it sort of puts me in the mood to write something similar (yet very me, you know). We’ll see if I get around to it.

And here’s a picture of me and Sasha (with a wig I bought in NY):



End of Year Catch-Up

May 13, 2012

Gosh, I’ve been gone so long they changed the format of writing these. Ah well. So it’s mid-May and school is finally over. CCS graduation was yesterday, and a lot of my dear seniors are scattering all across the country, to be seen over the Internet and at cons for now on. So so sad. Here’s a picture of the proceedings, featuring the talented Dakota McFadzean, who was delivering the student commencement speech:


And here is a picture of me making kissy faces with a taxidermed llama at the Main Street Museum:


In this string of graduation parties, fun was had by all. There were laughs and tears and such. And it isn’t even my graduation! Oh dear.

In addition, I went to MoCCA in New York to sell/trade my mini-thesis, a “mediation on emotions as expressed in dream metaphors.” I named it Anything s Anything, which, yes, is a Parks and Recreation reference.


The cover is all nerves and stuff. Here’s a sample of one of the pages:


If you desire a copy, just comment. I will require some sort of trade (though it doesn’t have to be monetary, a letter or a postcard or whatever). Those of you that requested already, I’m on it. Though because I’m coming back to SoCal for a month, if you live there, you might have to wait until I see you. Unless you’re like, a stranger. Then I can just mail it. I’m not saying that you’re creepy or anything, it’s just that it might be awkward and inconvenient… but you know, whatever, your decision!

I have so much to write about! But here’s documentation of a short-lived CCS meme. SPROUT BABIES! THEY ARE BABIES BUT THEY ARE ALSO SPROUTS.




Surviving the Silver Age

February 7, 2012

So, this is what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Behold, my Silver Age project (done with six of my CCS homies)… KEY QUEST (hint: it’s a metaphor). Done, all colored and 1967 style (with side of critique and a whole lot of adventure).

But April, they’re all, like, backwards. Exactly! …so… you can… read them later? I’ll try to put up a link to a .pdf or something in the future.