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Birthday Business.

May 9, 2011

It was my birthday recently, and I headed to Los Angeles for the LA Times Book Fair and to see some of my friends. Highlights:

1. I went to Aimee Bender’s reading and got to meet her afterwards.

Picture courtesy of Soo. Awkwardness courtesy of me. 

2. Went to the graphic novel panel with Daniel Clowes, Dash Shaw and Jim Woodring.

In other news, I got an ESL teaching job, am very very tired as a result most days. Exciting things I do now include: going to the Japanese supermarket and trying interesting kit kat flavors (green tea: thumbs up, cheese: not so much), sleeping, loitering at Barnes & Nobles, getting pate banh mi, boba, and taquitos all at the same complex, and uh…. lesson planning. I did have a story involving a pimp for a magician in North Park one night, but that’s a story better told in person.

Everyone not from San Diego always talks about beaches and sunshine, but I mean, when you live inland in a wealthy tract house suburb, you don’t see so much of that. Though there is the OB Farmers’ Market. Featuring…

Meat & Mashed Potatoes Sundaes. 


Gourmet tamales.