So… uh, well, uh…

December 20, 2011

The last time I wrote in this thing was October? Why was that, oh yeah, grad school at CCS has been crazy busy. I haven’t put up a lot of comics. but some of the work I did this semester is now at Rectangular, Rather. I’ll put up more when I’m less lazy. As you might have figured, a lot of shit has gone down since I’ve last written. In the interest of time, let’s summarize. In the interest of fun, let’s do it backwards!

Right now, I’m mildly obsessed with this Korean historical drama about the Silla Dynasty called The Great Queen Seondeok (having my emotions manipulated with a dose of history, why, yes). And devoured the second issue of David Chang’s food magazine, Lucky Peach.

I just got back from a two day stay in Cambridge and Boston, where I visited a friends and ate this pizza:

I’m a bit of a food snob when it comes to certain things, especially of the West Coast is the Best Coast variety, but I will concede East Coast dominates when it comes to pizza. This one was especially delicious, spinach, cheese, artichokes, tomatoes… yeah! We also visited the MFA museum, which uh, kinda stinks and the people who run it were sort of mean to us, but anyway, this sculpture! The glitter!

And while in Somersville, I saw this nifty museum, but we didn’t go inside.

More later, gotta watch more of that drama.


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