The Wilds of San Diego

June 25, 2012

So, I finished my 15 day housesitting/no car imprisonment term at my parents’ house. Of course, the long hours (of marathon soap opera/Morgan Freeman explaining the universe) were punctuated by visits from friends, etc. I’m in CA for another couple weeks, but now I get to fully enjoy its CA-ness, in a freer kind of way.

Delicious, thy name is pollo asada fries. Not shown in its slathered glory: heaps of guacamole gold.

I got a chance to go to the fair and gorge on fried food, watch little piggies run, and get kinda sorta hit on by a man in a lamb costume. Other activities include taking field trips to the Japanese market, enjoying green tea kit kats, Bourbon cake rolls (oh like, Ho Hos, but mini and yellow-cakey and so high class and better), and Japanese spaghetti packets (cod roe in a tube, spread over pasta in seaweed? So good, yet maybe not the best breakfast food in the world).

I also have been, yes, drawing somewhat, but mostly planning/writing/practicing for the big thesis year ahead/submissions for anthologies/projects that I want to work on in WRJ. I have so much planned, let’s see if I finish them. You can see some of my sketches and doodles here. To be honest, I’m mostly on tumblr now anyway, sort of making an internet collage of what catches my fancy. I think Laurel once called it being an intellectual magpie?


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