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The 60’s Replica Basements of Taipei & Other September Randoms

September 30, 2010

So… to tell you the truth, I’ve become quite boring. But here are some photos of my trip to Taipei, which included an inordinate amount of 1960’s nostalgia theme parks in the basements of malls.

Of course, there was also shaved ice with mango, milk tea, and Starcraft exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art. But eh, I won’t go into that.

Anyway, sorry, but I won’t be posting much in October either. I think this upcoming month is my actual “buckle down and do your goddamn grad school application, April” instead of “pretending to buckle down and actually reading blog aggregators and posting shit on tumblr.” In preparation, and in anticipation of the chilly-I-don’t-want-to-go-anywhere-because-it’s-winter, I have bought a desk. A chair is coming tomorrow. I also bought a lamp with cut outs on the lampshade and jewels dangling in it. It projects shapes on my wall like this:

Yes, I am a slob with an unmade bed and a mattress on the floor, butressed by an ice-fan and my blow dryer. This, I think, you already should have known about me.

Okay okay, maybe I’ll write some more. I made it to Dongincheon (which, in my more jokey ignorant days, wrote off as “Poo Incheon” though that is redundant) where they are, in classic-South Korea fashion, tearing down old buildings and making a highway. There, an art space called Space Beam, located in an abandoned makkeoli factory was having a show:

More info @ The Space Beam website.


Loony Typhoon-y.

September 5, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Actually, I had been thinking of posting just a “applying to grad school bbl,” message, but I couldn’t sit down and even write that. I was going to also post a guide to “cafes appropriate for doing work” in Itaewon and the surrounding area, but that project has also been postponed. For now, some random ramblings.

We had a typhoon! (Well, I guess– just the tip of a typhoon). Trees shed their green leaves, cats flew through the air, school was canceled. One of my windows blew open and I had to trudge outside, trying to hold on to myself and the ground, while the wind pushed me. I recorded some video of the sounds here:

Typhoon Tunes from April on Vimeo.

Not much really to listen to, really.

In other news, OK Kitchen in Itaewon is fusion-y (but not obnoxiously or wrongly so) Italian food that is not merely okay, it is delicious:

And La Bocca in Itaewon has some really decadent and yummy desserts. See this turntable of delectableness: