End of Year Catch-Up

May 13, 2012

Gosh, I’ve been gone so long they changed the format of writing these. Ah well. So it’s mid-May and school is finally over. CCS graduation was yesterday, and a lot of my dear seniors are scattering all across the country, to be seen over the Internet and at cons for now on. So so sad. Here’s a picture of the proceedings, featuring the talented Dakota McFadzean, who was delivering the student commencement speech:


And here is a picture of me making kissy faces with a taxidermed llama at the Main Street Museum:


In this string of graduation parties, fun was had by all. There were laughs and tears and such. And it isn’t even my graduation! Oh dear.

In addition, I went to MoCCA in New York to sell/trade my mini-thesis, a “mediation on emotions as expressed in dream metaphors.” I named it Anything s Anything, which, yes, is a Parks and Recreation reference.


The cover is all nerves and stuff. Here’s a sample of one of the pages:


If you desire a copy, just comment. I will require some sort of trade (though it doesn’t have to be monetary, a letter or a postcard or whatever). Those of you that requested already, I’m on it. Though because I’m coming back to SoCal for a month, if you live there, you might have to wait until I see you. Unless you’re like, a stranger. Then I can just mail it. I’m not saying that you’re creepy or anything, it’s just that it might be awkward and inconvenient… but you know, whatever, your decision!

I have so much to write about! But here’s documentation of a short-lived CCS meme. SPROUT BABIES! THEY ARE BABIES BUT THEY ARE ALSO SPROUTS.




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  1. Hey I just bought Anything is Anything at Million Year Picnic and I think it’s one of my favorite comics of all time. The way forms get repeated but in a permutational way is just so great. The form and function just really fit together. Poetry! Thanks!

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