Twiddle, Twiddle, Doodle, Doodle

June 2, 2012


And eating noodles. Well, sometimes. I also have been making brownies.

Anyway, how to spend that long stretch of summer between CCS years 1 and 2? I should be working on some projects I have lined up. It’s a lot of writing and I don’t know if I’m quite prepared for that sort of undertaking right now. To procrastinate, I’ve been practicing drawing pretty boy faces. I think I have to work on drawing different types of faces and am experimenting with style. I also bought a brush pen! So here are a couple of pages from my notebook. I’m sorry that it isn’t very substantial. Image

Let’s see, well right now I’m in San Diego for a month (carne asada fries pictures forthcoming) and chilling out. I went and (err, was fairly grumpy at) MeCAF, lobster roll pictures forthcoming. What else? I don’t know, what else really, I probably forgot a ton of stuff that happened… But lately I’ve been obsessed with using gelly roll pens and staedtler pens to color, in very non-CYMK friendly hues. I want to experiment more with different kinds of color printing… and hmm… I’m writing a couple of different projects in my head right now (not so much on screen yet, but I do go through a very long fantasize and brainstorm process).

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean soap operas, as evidenced in the comic I did for the Cartoon Crier. Which is a collaboration between CCS and the National Cartoonist Society. You can read it for free online here. My current favorite that I’ve been re-watching and re-watching and re-watching (and not just because Hyun Bin is a hot jackass in a sparkly tracksuit) is Secret Garden. Basically, it’s about a chaebol son who switches bodies with a stuntwoman and it’s AMAZING. And totally illogical. I guess I’ve been wrestling with that question of why it’s amazing and how it pertains to my own work. How far can someone go with ridiculousness while still being affecting? How can one take cliches and make them a) still emotionally pulling while b) fulfilling all expectations of that cliche, and sometimes not even subverting it? Anyway, it sort of puts me in the mood to write something similar (yet very me, you know). We’ll see if I get around to it.

And here’s a picture of me and Sasha (with a wig I bought in NY):



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