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Goodbye Red Bean Waffle Fish

March 15, 2011

To recap: In January, I had my last day of work, cleaned out my apartment, got a concussion from falling in the snow, finished my grad school app, and left the country.

First, I went to Hong Kong, after Lunar New Year. It’s home to dim sum, tall tall buildings, and all the Wong Kar Wai sightseeing I ever wanted. Also, the amount of condensed milk slathered on bread with peanut butter or just plain butter with a milk tea is also something to be noted.

Then for two weeks, I went to Vietnam. First, to Ho Chi Minh City (or HCMC/Saigon/ex-Saigon). Pho and bun cha are more Northerly things (so no, I will not make “I ate a buncha bun cha” jokes), but I did have lots and lots of delicious food, including this Bourdain-endorsed bowl of noodles. And oh yeah, the motorbike terror, but everybody talks about that.

I also visited the cities of Dalat (mountains, temperate temperatures) and Nha Trang (beach!).

After that business, I went back to South Korea for a goodbye/victory lap. Ate at my favorite Kazakh/Russian place (Dongdaemun Park, exit 7) with my favorite potato dumplings:

And to old stomping grounds in Incheon, where I had these red bean waffle fish.

So, I’m home now in San Diego, spending too much time in my pajamas and try to shake the feeling that my two years living in East Asia was some fever dream. Being in your parents’ house again feels like a time warp, or some alternate universe. I’ll probably still update my blog from time to time here, just because the title is too good to lose.