January 5, 2012

So, let’s talk about my life in Vermont. I live in the 2,000 people-populated town of White River Junction, situated in the Upper Valley that splits in the middle of Vermont and New Hampshire. Life there is fine– good– different. You literally (and I mean that in the actual sense, not the, I’m exaggerating but I’m exaggerating using words that mean that I am not exaggerating and speaking truthfully) cannot walk down the street without seeing a cartoonist. This excludes some odd hours of the day of course, for the most part, yes, this happens. It’s been good creatively and I’m learning a lot and I feel I have the support of my peers– you get the idea.

This is the town. Most of it. Also, my friend Nate’s head.

Vermont, of course, is known as a hot spot for “leaf peepers” (to the unfamiliar ear, sounds slightly perverted, yes?)  in the fall. And yeah, there is plenty of peeping to be had. Especially when we went on our trip to Mt. Ascutney.

Yeah. That’s the stuff. 

I know what you are thinking. What about the grub, April? Well, my favorite weekly brunch spot is Shyrl’s (am I spelling this right?) in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, for their cheapness, the out of town but not too out of townness, and these raspberry chocolate pancakes:

White River Junction is also somewhat of a fancy french fry town– from the truffle fries at Elixir with their garlic aioli to the garlic fries at The Tip Top Cafe. I might have to do a whole post investigating and illustrating the matter.

Anyway, it’s been fun. Right now I’m in 80 degree San Diego, so I can’t comment on the current awfulness of its coldness, but I’m sure there will be more time for that later.


One comment

  1. Temperatures were in the single digits yesterday!

    (No, don’t run away – come back, we miss you.)

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