Back to WRJ, Back to Work

July 6, 2012

ImageSo sometimes, it’s honing your skills, beating them into submission, and sometimes, you know, it just feels like blunt force trauma to the head.

Alright, so I’m back in Vermont. No more of this excessive taco eating, California-fun-time. It’s now back to makin’ comics and makin’ comics and, this summer, helping make comics! I’m going to TA for CCS’ Summer Workshops. Woohoo.

And here’s a sketchbook page. More at my comics tumblr.

Anyway, my last week in CA included a quick zip up to Los Angeles for the weekend. I sort of regret not buying loads of mole at Guelzateca in Koreatown, but I did have this amazing horchata.


Then we went to the Getty Center, basked in the sunshine, and went to the Herb Ritts retrospective.   And then we went to the Melrose Trading Post, which is a flea market at a high school. We used to go when we were college students and it’s grown a lot. But ever feel like you are marketed to a little too directly? Aka “when did I become a cliché of a person?” Ah well, I got some cool dresses and fished around some old photographs. I bought a couple slides and negatives. Don’t know what I’ll do them with, but I’ll be sure to post them up soon.

Also, cons this season! I confirmed my plans to be at SPX and at MICE this year. Probably more to come.

Anyway, still tired from the jetlag, will post more later.


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