Life, Bound and Miniature

January 9, 2012

So, I attend the Center for Cartoon Studies. One of the things my school is known for is concentrating on making a final comic– that is, written, drawn, inked, and bound. As a result, I not only possess a startling array of these minicomics from my classmates…

These are only the ones I obtained at ICAF– mostly through trade, monetary exchange, and puppy-dog-eyed looks. 

But I’ve also made a bunch of stuff since I got here, and even got to peddle my wares. This semester I got to attend SPX in Bethesda, Maryland (I did not have anything to sell then, but it was still a fun experience) and the ICAF conference on my campus. Here is a picture of me peddling said wares:

I didn’t make all of these. I was merely attending the table for me and four other individuals, collectively known as Team Firehazard (this a literal, rather than figurative piece of nomenclature).

This semester I made the following items:

  Two minis of some of my older work. One detailing dreams I’ve had and another about something that happened to me while I was living in Seoul. Hint: It’s a surprise! 

Several one-page diary comics. This is about a trip to the woods we took.

An eight page minicomic about vampire mermaids and uh, how writers write about racial identity.

And last, but not, least, a triple screenprinted, perfect bound, five authors in total, belly-banded final anthology project. It was called [SCI]ense and it’s about each of the five senses with a science-fiction bent. Fact: it was hard to make. Also, fact: I got food poisoning the weekend before this was due. Fact: it was not fun, but we finished it!

I have some other stuff over at Rectangular, Rather, too. Once I get back to VT I’ll be scanning a bunch-load more. And that concludes this summary of my academic life.  Stay tuned for… some food pictures.


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