Los Angeles, I Love You (And You Don’t Even Bring Me Down)*

August 11, 2011

* I don’t even really like LCD Soundsystem that much, but it seemed appropriate.

Traffic on the 405. I ain’t even mad. 

It can be an odd thing returning to a city where you once lived. A friend and I were talking about how one can kind of sort of form romantic attachments with urban spaces, and that sometimes, when you leave and come back, it’s sort of like meeting up with an ex (P.S. Seoul is totally like my hot foreign ex-boyfriend that I had no conceivable future with, but was really really fun). There’s a sort of feeling of, feet shuffling-eyes downcast-ness, that cliche nostalgia whine “well why can’t it be the way that it was?” to returning, a searching for something that you can’t go back to once you’ve left. You kind of feel displaced and adrift in a place that used to be your home. Right? Or is it just me? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I still love Los Angeles. It gets tons of flack, from, well, just about everybody. Haters, man. I will contend that Los Angeles takes awhile to know, there are some undesirable parts, but c’mon, overall, it’s just RAD. So much good food and good times to be had. My visit last weekend was the best LA trip I’ve had since I’ve been back. I think it’s because I concentrated on my “Los Angeles Greatest Hits.” I didn’t even take food porn pictures. Here’s my itinerary:

The bells weren’t on, but this was still cool. 


  • Lunch (plantains!) @ Versailles.
  • A revisit to the Museum of Jurassic Technology (we also stopped by the Indian food store/restaurant across the street… just to smell it).
  • A walk down the Venice Boardwalk.
  • Chill time with friends.
  • Dinner @ Torofuku. (OMG grilled mochi with red bean and vanilla ice cream!)
  • Fancy drinks at the Wellsbourne.


  • A walk to Sawtelle and to Giant Robot (I and II)
  • Lunch @ The Apple Pan (banana creme pie!)
  • Dinner @ Curry House in Sawtelle
  • Red Bean and Cheese pretzels @ Cafe Tomo.

With my favorite neuroscientist. 


  • Coffee @ my old study spot, Elysee in Westwood.
  • Took the 720 Bus down Wilshire to Ktown to get soondubu @ BCD.
  • Took the subway to Silverlake. Went to Secret Headquarters and had a chai at Intelligencia.
  • Hong Kong milk tea @ La Mill (saw Scott Speedman hanging out by the bar. I noticed him by his nose).
  • In-car drinks and then TACO ZONE in Echo Park. Suadero, I shall miss you deeply.

I didn’t get to go to the jjimilbang in K-Town, but maybe those experiences are best left in other countries. I also did see this goofy tagging.

It’s the quadratic formula! Who says Angelenos are shallow and superficial? Also, on the train over, I saw this tagged: “Heaven and hell– it’s all a state of mind.” Is someone writing tweetified versions of Paradise Lost as well?


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