Gwangju Goodness: Art and Ori

November 9, 2010

Well, it is said that there are two halves of fall: the part of fall that feels like summer and the part of fall that feels like winter. After a brief fall-summer, we are now plunged deep within fall-winter. The leaves have changed and are shivering off and there is the poo stink of gingko leaves on the sidewalk (have you noticed my last three posts have mentioned poo? I guess that says something about me).  And it is very cold.

And yes, I am still sick, wheezing and coughing through my days. And applying to grad school. But that doesn’t mean life hasn’t been a little eventful.

Yesterday, I caught the last day of the 2010 Gwangju Biennale. If you’re in Korea during an even year in fall, I recommend going. It’s basically five galleries filled with art, this year titled, “10,000 Lives” focusing on individual lives through you know, pain, war, and uh, with teddy bears. Here are a couple pictures:

Also, the regional specialty of Gwangju is ori (duck, motherfuckin’ duck). And we treated ourselves to a FEAST (with surprise soup, surprise noodles, surprise apples). Here is a picture of a veritable flower of fat (duck shabu shabu).

And here is the blog’s namesake, for kicks:


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