Loony Typhoon-y.

September 5, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Actually, I had been thinking of posting just a “applying to grad school bbl,” message, but I couldn’t sit down and even write that. I was going to also post a guide to “cafes appropriate for doing work” in Itaewon and the surrounding area, but that project has also been postponed. For now, some random ramblings.

We had a typhoon! (Well, I guess– just the tip of a typhoon). Trees shed their green leaves, cats flew through the air, school was canceled. One of my windows blew open and I had to trudge outside, trying to hold on to myself and the ground, while the wind pushed me. I recorded some video of the sounds here:

Typhoon Tunes from April on Vimeo.

Not much really to listen to, really.

In other news, OK Kitchen in Itaewon is fusion-y (but not obnoxiously or wrongly so) Italian food that is not merely okay, it is delicious:

And La Bocca in Itaewon has some really decadent and yummy desserts. See this turntable of delectableness:


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  1. Helloo friend
    visit from Turkey 🙂

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