Monsoon Season Sure Puts a Damper on Things

July 17, 2010

Ha ha, with a slap of the knee.

This pic is actually reused from a monsoon season of yore.


Actually, to be honest, I don’t mind torrential rain under these conditions:

1. I don’t have to go anywhere.

2. If I do have to go somewhere, I don’t have to look presentable at the place I am going to.

3. I am not carrying any water sensitive papers, electronics, etc.

4. I am not wearing wet socks.

Other than that, I think, I’m pretty okay with monsoon season in Korea. If anything (well, that is, when it doesn’t go all hot shower rain style) it’s a nice reprieve from the brutal summer heat we have been having (oh summer, that which makes me take cold showers before bed time in order to go to sleep, that makes me itch mosquito bites until they swell into a second knee). Now, here is another list of things I’ve been eating to stay cool.

1. Nengmyun

2. Pat Bingsu/Nokcha Bingsu

3. Frozen bananas from Chateau Chocolat (sorry I left it half eaten in your freezer, friend).

4. Frozen plums from my (not icebox) refrigerator (thanks for the tip WCW, they are so sweet and so cold).


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