Summer of ________________?

July 14, 2010

My apologies for being uncommunicative– you know, it’s been the same mostly. I’ve been working and trying to keep social, and other things have suffered. Like, for example, my apartment has become a showcase of (some say charming, I say just plain ol’) squalor, and I haven’t been going to many new places or doing anything exciting. I will say this though: there is another Cafe Bene opening up across from the jjimilbang I live near, a mere 50 yards from another Cafe Bene. I personally think it’s a plague upon this nation, partially because I had some shitty waffles from there once.

I did get a chance to see a show at Ruff Projects near Namsan. They have an extraordinary view from up there.

Anyway, ever notice how large swaths of Noksapyeong look like West LA? Santa Monica Blvd, specifically. Standing Coffee kind of reminds me of Cacao, except even fewer seats and I don’t think the baristas at Cacao wear sailor outfits in the summer.

Also, I went to Taco Bell. It tastes the same. I got the same familiar stomachache I used to get when I used to eat there at Ackerman Union, bitching about my English finals.

My only complaint: the placement of the sour cream was wrong. CLEARLY it is meat then sour cream then lettuce. Not on top of the cheese! Ridiculous.

Bought another Korean t-shirt for 4,000 won.

I am willing to date anyone who appreciates (and understands) the full extent of this shirt’s hilariousness. I am completely serious.


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