Run-On Sentence Reviews

May 11, 2010

Reggae Chicken is my favorite chicken in Korea. I don’t know what it is– a certain fluffy lightly greasy garlicy je nais se quoi.  It’s near Sangsu Station (go towards the University Gate). Also, they have this salad which is a bit like an adventure, because it has all this random fruit in it and it’s kinda dim in there, so you don’t know what you’re eating. “Is this papaya? Is this pineapple? What was this wedge of sweetness I initially thought to be a tomato slice?”

Beard Papas, though a Japanese chain, reminds me of going to Sawtelle Blvd when I was living in LA living off of potato salad sandwiches from Nijiya and getting dessert from here. There is one in Apgujeong and though they don’t have the chocolate covered eclair ones as often as I would like, their dalgi (strawberry) is deeeelllliiicioooouss.

Lastly, I am starting to wonder if I should even bother eating something that isn’t milk tea flavored. Because clearly, it is the best.


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