Spring, I Like You SO MUCH

May 7, 2010

For the following reasons:

1. My birthday was a few days ago. I spent most of it at the jjimilbang and then in Sangsu for some chicken and muffins. Yum. Chicken and muffins (though not any proximity, temporal or plate-cial, to one another).

I like that this picture is slightly blurry and it kinda reads like I just turned 15.

2. The weather has been nice and warm and breezy. I visited three parks today (Namsan, Hangang, and Dosan), because I was feeling restless (and there was a huge group of middle schools at Cofioca). I pranced around and read and took pictures of flowers, and felt like, “hey, well maybe I do like the outside!”

Because you know, the outside has done me foul since late November, and now I feel like is finally redeeming itself.

But I say this with a bit of caution. I am getting the feeling that this will soon end, as summer is around the corner and I can no longer wear pretty dresses for fear I will get monsoon rain and/or sweat upon them. Balls to that.

For now, here are a couple more pictures:

3. Korean Delivery

You know what this is? Huh, do you? Other than a split order of jajjangmyun and tangsuyuk that I’ve wanted to order since I saw Soo’s post on mouthfeel. It is… SUCCESS! I managed to order Korean delivery food all by myself (with a little help, thanks David) in Korean! I feel so proud! (Though I did realize I didn’t have money to pay him and had to sprint up and down 94 stairs across the street, almost yelling at the traffic light to stop, I did make it back to my apartment in time and the deliveryman was none the wiser.)

Granted my Korean should be way better by now, but… well, whatever, inch by inch. I really could have used this in the winter time though, ah regrets, regrets.

So that’s my list. To end this post I will relay a conversation I had with my student, who is three years old:

“Why is there rice on your shirt?”

“Because my friend Yuri put rice in my closet.”

“Why did he do that?”


It kind of makes a strange kind of sense.


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