Sweet (and/or) Savory Stomachaches.

April 21, 2010

Apologies for the lack of updates, I have been distracted. But I’ve been doing lots of drawing/cartooning lately. Life has been fairly routine, though I did receive a package in the mail from my mom. Usually when people ask what I want from the States, I am a bit dumbfounded– the things I really miss are un-sendable (fruits, tamales– etc) and everything else I can get here (albeit for a steeper price, when we are talking about cheese). Ah, but this time around, I thought of something I haven’t had for awhile: girl scout cookies! Samoas and thin mints, resulting in basically the best breakfast ever:

Speaking of the reverse– things I can get in Korea but can’t get in the States, can anyone confirm for me that Coldstone doesn’t sell earl grey ice cream (with the mixed strawberries and the pie crust and the honey?)… I wonder why not. Though I’m a big sucker for tea infused anything.

Also I went to Dongdaemun last week to the Russian part of town, and ate this delicious multi-thinly layered lightly frosted magic cake with crunch crumbs on top:

FIND ME THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY CAKE. (which is in a couple of weeks– I have been feeling quite old lately).

Also, my friend and I visited the Original Pancake Story in Hannam-dong, after I had seen that they sold the “why is this not huge in Korea?” combination of chicken and waffles. I suppose the waffle as a starch, not a desert topping has not gotten big here, but oh good it is, with the syrup and the chicken on top. Mind you, this is roast– not fried chicken, which probably took some of the unhealthiness off, but it was quite delicious. I only wish that the combination was not called Uncle Tom’s (the Roscoe’s is the better, alternate, though copywright infringing name)… because you know, it’s kinda awk.


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