Excess of Excess

April 8, 2010

I have been bad lately. Well, in the monetary sense, at least. This month I have been more spendthrifty than usual. Granted, most of it is being put to good use; books and art supplies, I’ve started taking an art class, I’ve paid all my bills on time– and then there are the vain, non-utilitarian purchases, because it is spring and that always makes me wanna buy new clothes and basically just change everything. Winter sucked, time for a rebirth! A very expensive, foolish rebirth.

I got a perm. Yeah, I know– “what? you got an ajumma perm?” It doesn’t look that bad, because my hair has gotten fairly long. I am not going to post pictures. But here’s what it looks like kinda:

I totes look like Naru from Sailormoon. Only, you know, with dark hair, and uh, eyes that don’t take up 3/4s of my face.

Also, last week was a rather infamous trip to the Express Bus Terminal Underground, or 고속터미널역. I mean, I have gone to underground markets before– Bupyeong is a rather large one, with rows and rows of almost identical wares, of dresses, and cardigans. But you know, it’s kind of been awhile, and I’m rather convinced, if this one isn’t bigger, it is certainly more bustling and all together more clausterphobic. I have summed up the experience in seven stages:

1. Confusion – You get there, and it’s like– is that it? Granted there is a few shops when you get out of the subway, including a couple vintage shops. One of them, Suni’s, was closed at the time, and the other specialized in ajumma wear, but if you dug, there was some great finds. Also, there was an area to buy some plants and flowers, a welcome reprieve from an often dark subway corridor.

2. Overwhelment (oh that’s not a word?– Awe just doesn’t cut it) – You go up some stairs, turn a corner, and it’s like, “DAMN that’s a lot of store!”

3. Exhaustion – Just looking at all the stuff, poking through some clothing racks is extremely taxing.

4. Re-energization – Though a smoothie might cure that.

5. Embulience – Joy! “Everything here is so cheap! And cute! And those shoes are yellow and bright! That skirt has cats on it! Those buttons are adorable! I need some pants! With elastic waists.”

6. Shame – “Holy shit, I spent 50,000 won in 15 minutes– and I still had to scrounge my change to buy those shoes.” A friend who I was with (name excluded due to embarrassment) said, “I feel like I’ve participated in capitalism in a bad way. Like I’ve just been in a casino.”

7. Acceptance – “Well I guess I came out with some good loot.” See below:

That being said, I don’t think I’m going clothes shopping any time soon. Now, if I could just curb my prisma marker addiction…


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