Jigae What? Jigae Who?

March 21, 2010

Sorry. I’m so sorry. I said I wouldn’t title a post that and I did because I just couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, so there’s this called Yellow Dust. It’s this dust/sand from the desert in China that blows away because of deforestation. It sucks. My sinuses are enraged. I keep wanting to cough up a lump in my throat that I’m pretty sure consists of phelgm, Gobi Desert sand, and burnt cigarette particles. Apologies for the imagery.

But all the dryness and the sickness has me craving for one thing: kimchi jigae. Oh kimchi jigae. A perfect, yet deceptively simple combination of kimchi, water, anchovy, pork, and magic that cures any ill. My favorite place is currently 남 산 킴치 지개 or Namsan Kimchi Jigae (which, coincidentally is not in Namsan, but near Noksapyeong Station, right next to Thunder Burger). As you may have gathered, this small joint adorned only with plastic stools, faux wooden tables, and star signatures is the best kind of restaurant; that is a restaurant where you are asked not what you would like to order, but how many you would like to order. They only do kimchi jigae, and by golly, they do it well. Also! As an added bonus! Unlimited rice! Because if you’re like me, you eat your jigae on top of your bap, and then get anxious over running out before you’re finished.

Err, I may have gone there for lunch AND dinner today.

And it was delicious. I feel a lot better.

Also I took a trip to my favorite vintage boutique– 구 ㅈㅔ or “Gu Juh” in Itaewon (Exit 4 walk towards Noksapyeong, it is on the second floor above Victory Silk, look for the pink sign with the illustration of the hairy man in his underwear, no I don’t know why). Unlike some of the vintage stores in Hongdae, the prices are actually pretty reasonable (around 20 for a no-name brand, up to 50 for some old designer dresses)– and you can find cute dresses imported from Japan there.  Lately, I have been buying white dresses in anticipation of spring, in revolt of winter. Oh when will you be warm but not so hot, Korea? When will that day be?

I do realize that my love of white dresses and kimchi jigae may cause trouble later on, but for now…

Pretty good day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a hoht-bang (a cinnamony bread pocket thing). Hoht-bbang man, why were you not in front of DD’s today? Why have you forsaken us?


One comment

  1. Just wear the white dress while eating kimchi jigae around me! I will NOT WILL NOT be responsible for the consequences!

    Although, the guinness word record Danny keeps insisting I should be holding is for spilling food on myself. Perhaps your jigae will gravitate towards me, and save your white dress…

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