Becoming an accidental vegan for two weeks.

February 17, 2010

DOCTOR SAYS NO. The mac & cheese at Macaroni Market in Itaewon. Cheese, glorious cheese, onion crisps, bacon, and surprise, to cut the thickness, lemon slices. Wonderful to taste, but gives me headaches. ;_;

Okay guys, I think it’s safe to say from reading this blog, that you can tell I don’t watch what I eat. But lately, I’ve been feeling a little off-balance. I get headaches, I feel heavy, my mood swings from left to right. So… I have decided to go through a temporary detox. To help with this, I decided to go to the hanuisa with one of my co-workers to figure out which of the 8 Constitutions is mine. Needless to say, there is a lot I can’t eat (p.s. for more information on the procedure, head to Annalog).

My co-workers told me that I was this one type, which gets to eat most things, but in small amounts and no seafood. I was fairly okay with that…but as it turns out, I am a (tries to read the Hangul) Geum Yang Chejil. Or translated, I am have “Pulmotonia” which means I my lungs are too strong or out of balance with the rest of my body.

Here is a list of things that are bad for me:

ALL MEAT– at first I thought this meant only dead animal flesh, but Seong later told me that it also includes “anything from an animal” NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. this means, being a vegan is what is best for me. Which means no mac & cheese (pictured above) and no samgyupsal, even if it comes from KogiKogi (translation: MEATMEAT) in Apgujeong:

Ooooh and they even encrust their pork with herbs. Shown here, basil and paprika. SOOOO GOOD.

NO WHALE MEAT– Total bummer. Though, my friend who taught in Japan says it’s rather buttery and good (shrug).

NO ALL FRESH WATER FISH– how am I supposed to know?

NO COFFEE AND TEA — WTF. So basically I have to give up cafes. How am I supposed to do work? I am most upset about this.

NO ARTIFICIAL SEASONING — no MSG, basically. That shit is rather tasty.


NO EXCESS SUGAR — okay. Now this is just mean. No ice cream. ;_;


NO HOT BATHS — No jjimilbang?! DAMMIT.




NO ALCOHOL or CIGARETTES — Not a big deal, really. I’m a notorious poor (err, problem– as I become a problem) drinker. And I don’t smoke.

DON’T GO HIKING OR LIVE IN THE WOODS – Yes, my ambivalence towards nature is endorsed by health care professionals!

NO EXCESS COMPUTER USE — probably not going to happen.

As you can see, this list is full of sad face.

DOCTOR SAYS YES. Hwe Dup Bap. Sashimi mixed with rice and leafy greens.

Here is the good news. These are the things that are beneficial to me: all oceanic seafood, mussels, rice, barley, red beans, mung beans, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, leafy greens, egg whites, dextrose, cocoa, chocolate (YES– but no sugar? How is that gonna work?!), banana, strawberry, peaches, cherries, melons, ice, breathing exercises, vitamin E, and the color blue.

I am starting today. Here’s my scoresheet for the day:

Dolsot bibimbap for lunch:

  • rice +
  • leafy greens +
  • kimchi –
  • egg whites +
  • egg –
  • ground beef –

Afternoon at Ho Ho Myoll:

  • Banana/Chocolate muffin – plus for banana, plus for chocolate, minus for flour, minus for excess sugar
  • Strawberry tea – minus for tea, plus for strawberry

Score for today: -1

Hey, I tried. Try better tomorrow.

In conclusion, I don’t think I’ll stick to it 100%, but I’m gonna make an effort to reduce the things that are bad for me, and eat a lot of the things that are good for me. I guess this will be, at least, a lesson in self-control. That is, if I can pull it off. I have been rather over-indulgent lately.


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