Journey to the Isle of Song (or… The End of the Incheon Line)

February 16, 2010

A classic photo of an alley in Creepyong [Bupyeong].

Incheon and I don’t talk much since I left, because of winter, I don’t even want to leave my own -gu or -dong, on some days and well frankly, there isn’t much out there. Yes. I did sound like a snooty Seoulite there, I apologize. Incheon has a lot of treasures, I’m just lazy. Well, one thing Incheon does have is friends. And I went out there yesterday because Russell is leaving next Saturday for the States. He’ll probably come back though. They all do.

Anyway, we thought we’d check out the newest area added to the Incheon line, the island of Song. Or Songdo, if you want to be less poetic about it. We’ve been hearing about the place for awhile in ads all over the Seoul Metro decreeing it as some sort of futuristic wonderland, home of the Global Fair, and fancy-ass buildings.

I have elaborated on the inconsistent nature of this ad in a previous post.

So we wanted to see what it shaped up to be (I should point out that this was all RUSSELL’S IDEA). So we headed on the subway to find out. After about 30 or so minutes from leaving the Arts Center, the map said we were on Songdo. A few people got off at the Campus Town stop, so we decided to poke out heads out and see if we could find a place that sold coffee. Nothing but apartments and dirt. So we continued on to the very last stop… and saw the subway empty out…


But anyway, we got off at the fancy smancy sounding International Business District and admittedly, the subway stop is pretty swank:

Though, outside it is a bit anti-climatic.

Okay, okay, there was some stuff in the distance.

But, alas, the wind was slapping our faces, and the desolation made us fear that we would be witness to the mob dumping some bodies, so we decided to head back to Arts Center. P.S. screw you, Olive Tree and your 5,000 won for three chocolate dipped strawberries– you are grape juice, so stop pretending to be champagne. Even in Apgujeong they wouldn’t be that much. And they would be gold flecked.

I’m sure Songdo will be pretty kicking in about two years, but for now.. don’t bother. (Though, if you do a google image search there are some rather enticing photos… maybe we got off at the wrong stop? But most of them also are computer generated).


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