Tea, Tea, Tea, Tea, Baby Baby

February 14, 2010

Tea! It’s wonderful in all its various forms. I think my addiction to green tea lattes and milk tea lattes has already been discussed at length… but every since I moved to Korea, I feel like I’ve been missing something. In high school– which was a long, long time ago, in the early 2000s, I used to drive (yes! I could drive, I might hit a teacher’s car once in awhile, but I could drive) after school to one of the many many boba/bubble tea/pearl tea places in my area. After school, I used to play connect four with my friends and bitch about AP classes (and mooning over guys who wore At the Drive-in t-shirts). Simpler times, back then. Anyway, the bubble tea trend seems to have come and gone, and while a few outposts remain in the States, what was left of it in Korea has been swallowed by the froyo trend– or the “well being” shake trend.

Though, finally I have found a boba place! Cofioca! In Apgujeong! It’s near Rodeo Drive. And it has everything: it has your milk tea, your thai tea, your taro milk tea, your jasmine milk tea, your mango slushies. The taste wasn’t bad or incorrect either, just right. This in stark contrast to the COEX’s bleh boba place, which tastes like rocks swimming in vaguely flavored snow.

And it’s even endorsed by members of the SM Family! Autographs lining the wall. Any boba place endorsed by Super Junior is alright with me.

Yesterday, my friends and I hit up Insadong to visit one of their famed teashops. I’ve never gone before, but there are a lot down the street. I wanted to go see this bird house tea business, but my friends were a little avian-phobic– but we had a great find! It’s a tea house…

MADE TO LOOK LIKE A TRAIN. Real train seats with real armrest ashtrays and everything. It’s like traveling, only you’re sitting down at a cafe. This was way better than the airport-themed cafe I always pass by in Hongdae (seriously, I thought you’re supposed to go to cafes to relax, not to be reminded of things associated with tension and death). It was really fun, for some reason. I guess trains still retain that element of romance. The traditional tea is not half bad either.I got jujubee tea which was hearty, like a good jujubee stew (see above).

A friend got a tea with 8 healthy things in it, including jujubees and pine nuts. Yum yum!

Though, my trip to the chejil doctor says I might have to give up tea and coffee. More on that later.

Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Tiger! Here’s to hoping it’ll be greeeeeaaaattt!

Man. That was bad. But you come here for the bad puns, don’t you (when you’re not looking for pictures of SNSD in short shorts, you perverts)?


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