January 31, 2010

So I went over to my co-workers apartment and indulged in one of my forgotten pastimes: yelling at a television. So basically, Korean television mostly consists of celebrities doing ridiculous things. On Star King, I watched as a girl in short shorts proclaimed that she had $100,000 dollars worth of shoes, bought with money she earned teaching English (WTF?!) and scoffed at her attempts to teach me how to pronounce the words TIT-AN-IC and MAN-HATTAAAAAN. I was kind of pissed. Then I sat amazed as a man stacked 16 empty styrofoam boxes and carried them… I can’t help but feel that this is sort of a metaphor for my life. I don’t know how. When I figure it out, I’ll tell you.

Here is a clip of Star King featuring my new favorite member of Shinee (he’s so pretty!) getting hypnotized:

Also featured on Korean television: We Got Married! (where celebrities pretend to get married with one another to live in a fake-reality show marriage), and Gold Miss, where 30-something year old female celebrities compete for dates with equally successful men. Daniel Henney and Hugh Jackman were featured on the show.

Um. I guess that’s what’s been going on lately. My knitting has been going well. If you want a hunter green knitted armband, let me know. Today I forgot a cupcake in my pocket and next week, I once again brave the screams of small children.

Pretty exciting.



  1. ya this is pretty exciting.. thank you for sharing..

  2. His hair has soooo much volume.

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