January 11, 2010

This is not a “snow angel” because the person who made it didn’t make wings– but what is it then? I can’t really call it a “snow man” can I?

The title of this post, pronounced chum ne yo, according to Russell, means, “Golly! It’s cold!” or the more-fun-translation “Gee Wilickers, it’s freezing!” (How do you spell “gee wilickers” the proper way, anyway? Did I get it right?).

And it is. Last week, a record-breaking amount of snow fell upon unsuspecting Seoul, resulting in my first ever snow day. I ventured out to buy some food (I keep my refrigerator sparse like my um -a clever comparison to be inserted here at a later date-) and took some photos:

This is when I decided to invest in some 20,000 won snow boots.

Anyway, yeah it’s cold, I’ve slipped down icy roads more often that I would care to remember, I wear five layers of pants/leggings/stockings/socks on my legs, I fear death every time I get out of bed in the morning and the heater is off– but hey, I figured how to make a hot shower in my apartment (after many tear-inducing lukewarm showers), so I’m taking it all in stride. It could be worse. And now I have an excuse to wear my fuzzy earmuffs!

Though, I do wish Christmas were a bit later in winter. Now I feel like all this suffering is for nothing, except for of course, the promise of spring. But that feels so far away!

I do avoid going out of my neighborhood nowadays, but I’ve taken up some hobbies. Some of these things I’m a bit embarrassed to share: knitting under two blankets and listening to Boyz II Men (um! hey and also Blur’s Think Tank— which I rediscovered– after I got over my nostalgia for “sexy” 90’s R&B), learning Korean through a hot pink children’s notebook, avoiding large tomes of literature, wearing fuzzy red santa socks.

But since I work in Hannam-dong, I’m always up for a during or after work meal at Hannam Bugokguk (sp?) especially when they have manduguk or maeun-galbi (with octopus on top, which I normally dislike– but this is fresh without squirming and tender, unlike the rubber eraser like textures of most octopus).

Also another Hannam-hangout is this new bakery Guillaume which imports everything from France (but acknowledges that French bread might not be the best, but this bread is the Frenchiest bread you’ll get in Korea, or something like that). A bit on the pricey side, but also more than a little bit delicious and rich and pretty:

A tiny macaroon! So adorable! It’s like a macaroon for a fairy!


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