Six Word Restaurant Reviews

January 3, 2010

I had time off for most of the weekend and well, what am I to do for most of my free time! Why, eat my brains out, of course! Over the course of these past few days, I’ve had multiple food adventures, most of them were introducing others to familiar territory (Tartine, again, Petra Palace, again— though I want to go to Petra the original sometime. Maybe for a classy evening out? I shall wear my best sequined evening gown). I did discover a few new places though. But frankly, I’m too exhausted to write extensive writeups (I’ll link to some, perhaps)– so I thought I’d Hemmingway it up, with a few six word restaurant reviews.

1. Taco Rico, in Gangnam:

Holy guacamole! Makes an LA-er proud.

2. Egg and Spoon Race, in Edae.

Brunch. All dishes were the favorites.

3. Salam Bakery, in Itaewon.

Baklava. Kilograms from box to body.

4. Lucycato, in Edae.

Chocolate plus diamonds. Fancy. Fancy. Fancy.

Also, visited: The tteokbokki town in Sindang-dong (fun to say!), not as fun to go. Can be summed up with a “meh.”


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