I’m Back!

October 1, 2009

Hi. Well, you probably gave up on this blog and I don’t blame you. After all, it kind of devolved into “April Posts K-Pop videos” and then not at all. But that’ll change. I’m at a new school, new location (I live in Itaewon, but not the super sketch part with the prostitutes. The nice area that’s next to the sketch part with the prostitutes and has fancy smancy date restaurants). Things will be noticeably different. I think. We’ll see about that.

I plan on doing the following things:

– Become a better person. Very subjective. But you know, quit complaining about the past, try to be less self-centered and self-involved.

– Eat out less. Learn to cook. Stop forgetting that I bought vegetables and letting them rot in the fridge. Cook vegetables more often.

– Join a writer’s workshop. I keep saying I should write more.

– Exercise more. Also, it is a longer walk to my hagwon. And I live in a hillier part of town.

For now, enjoy this non-kpop, but rather k-indie music video. Look! It’s the 80’s!

Also, since Karen O is half Korean and I always find myself obsessing over this band for one week a year:


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  1. I was going to ‘like’ this post, but then I realized that this wasn’t Tumblr.

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