13 Months in Korea: A Music Video Retrospective

July 23, 2009

So my last day of work is tomorrow and I’ll be in Thailand in less than a week. There’s a lot to say about the last 13 months, a few things that I don’t feel like sharing (Yeah, I know, right?). I thought, instead, I’d do a little retrospective via music video. Just cause.

Summer ’08

Fall ’08

Winter ’08

Spring ’09

Makes-me-want-to-shoot-myself catchy.

Summer ’09

“Yeah it’s a bunch of 17 year old Korean guys trying to be sexy.”

“…It’s kind of awkward when they succeed.”

I tried to pick less obvious choices (as in, videos already featured on this blog).

Anyway, maybe I’ll write a real post before I go. Maybe.



  1. hi,
    i found your blog while searching for something about seoul and i was browsing through it for a while, going all the way back to posts from november of last year. i just have one question: where did you get that totoro sweater? i’m going to be in seoul until thursday and would love to buy one while i’m here, so if you can remember the place, that would be great.

  2. Ironically, this blog was written on my birthday. Yes, strange comment, I know.

  3. That gee gee baby baby song exploded the cap on the amount of korean girliness allowed in my life in any given year.

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