Norebang Juxtapositions: Big Bang feat. 2ne1’s Lollipop

June 4, 2009

I know I haven’t been good on my more real posts, less kpop videos promise, but I just had to share this one. Within the last month or so, Big Bang featuring 2ne1 (or is it 2ne1 featuring Big Bang?)’s Lollipop song has become one of South Korea’s six inescapable pop songs. You hear it outside the cell phone shop, in the supermarket, your kids sing it whenever they get a chance (I have been giving them more candy recently as a way to bargain with them). I really like the song. And the skittle colored music video is really cute:

(P.S. My favorite member of Big Bang is Seung Ri, who uh, until recently was a minor. Oops! He’s the one wearing the stupid purple cape.)

I’ve even tried to sing it at norebang (karaoke for all you people outside of the country). That, mostly consists of me going, “hmm hmmm hmm hmmm LOLLIPOP hmm hmm hmm hmm LA LOLLIPOP POP,” because don’t know the Korean parts.

However, last Saturday night saw the most interesting and most wtf-iest norebang video to norebang song juxtaposition I’ve seen in awhile.


Okay, maybe I get this one. There’s a pacifier and the song’s about lollipops, both involve similar activities. Hint: It’s also the answer I gave to a question regarding the Lollipop’s song’s potential dirtiness. But okay. Fine. I’ll take that.


Okay, yeah, singing. Norebang. But what’s Jesus doing there, hanging out?


But I dunno, man, the rest of it, with all its Korean War reinactments and images of corpses lying around in the fallen snow doesn’t seem like it, uh, matches.

Sorry guys. Dumb post. Told you summer was getting to me.


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