Son Dam Bi (손담비) – Saturday Night (토요일 밤에) MV

May 16, 2009

In lieu of a real post, here is a kpop music video. I don’t really like this video, but I like the song (and we uh, randomly ended up singing it at work yesterday) and tonight is 손담비! I promise to be my usual cranky self in future posts.

Edit: really dislike this video. The Wonder Girls are way better. Also here’s a simple truth: now I have nothing against all you tall people (in fact, I enjoy your stature and the way you make me, an average heighted person, feel miniscule) but, tall people can’t dance. There’s just too much excess limb action going on. Also, that part with the mirror ball? Weird. She looks like she’s the meat of a disco sandwich. Anyway, SATURDAY NIGHT was alright.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One comment

  1. Those girls are cute. nice video. I am in Korea too. So far it has been interesting.

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