Hongdae, Again and Again and Again.

May 12, 2009

DSCF2018Cafe Egon, again.

Even though in recent weeks I’ve experienced the nice bougie/classiness of Apgujeong (more on that later), the exuberance of Itaewon gay bars (20 guys in synch dancing to SNSD, yes please!), and Samcheongdong’s gallery and cafe explosion, Hongdae is still my favorite neighborhood. Sometimes I’ll just go there on a Sunday night and try to get lost. That’s how I usually get to know a neighborhood, because honestly, my sense of direction is nonexistent, and until I attach a memory to a place, I’ll never remember where it is. Last summer I’d used to get lost for hours looking for Dos Tacos or ending up in a fluorescent lit rooftop garden, while trying to find a decent place to have a drink. Now that I know my way around, I’ve gotten sick of the usual Hongdae nightlife scene. You know, the all too popular Go Go’s and FF’s, where you’re probably going to see every foreigner that you’ve met in your life (ugh, foreigners! What’s that about? I’m kidding. But not.)  A place like this is all about the small places (though sometimes the glut of hip cafes is tiring), the alley ways, all things tucked away. I guess other neighborhoods in Seoul are like that too, but I’ve never found so many tiny, nifty places in one place. They kind of feel like secrets.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite things (again).


Gam Salon (which, I think, translates to “Persimmon Salon”). Now, I love my Krazy Burger just fine (tip about Krazy Burger: it is all about the fixings), but this place is (to use a word I use too often) RIDIC.

“This hamburger looks like a car accident.”

“It looks like it threw up on itself.”

My kind of place, I guess.


Book/Cafe. A nice place to chill and drink honey sweetened milk teas and leaf through huge art books filled with Chinese Communist Propaganda. You can watch the sunset on the second floor deck. One drawback to the place, is that it’s always filled with couples taking staged pictures of each other (like, I guess everywhere else in Korea).


Kya Ha Ha (look Mom! I can read!) is a vintage store/cafe tucked in an alley near Sangsu station. Adorable, yet pricey selection, but I enjoy browsing every once in awhile. There aren’t that many thrift stores that I’ve encountered (except for a church run one by my house who specializes in ajuma, or middle aged lady, gear), but I guess when clothes are 10,000 won in the underground marts anyway, you don’t really need one.

I guess that’s all for now. I would give directions, but uh, most of the people who read this blog either aren’t in Korea or hang out with me anyway. But, uh, you can ask if you want.


One comment

  1. Hey, I just happened to stop by your website. I went to Gamsalon the other day and I tried “Gamsalon burger” But the one that you’ve post on here looks so funny. it really look like “This hamburger looks like a car accident.”
    “It looks like it threw up on itself.”
    It’s so funny how you decribe it.. I want to “scrap” your picture and your words to my blog. Thank you 🙂

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