The Milk Carton is So Passé

April 30, 2009

So I was teaching quantifiers to my students the other day, you know, “cup of coffee,” “sheet of paper,” “piece of pie,”… and well it just highlighted the fact that South Koreans are a little more creative with their product packaging choices. For example, when I say, “what comes in a tube?” I had about ten kids screaming, “MAYONNAISE!” “KETCHUP!!”

I was going for “toothpaste,” but anyway…

Here is a tribute to different kinds of milk boxes that I’ve found at my local 7-11.


Strawberry milk and banana milk… both have the flavor of faux candy fruit flavors, the kind of strawberry you find in Pepto Bismol and the kind of banana you find it Runts. Yet, at the same time, mixed with the milk they both are kind of pleasing in a weird way. Banana milk wins over strawberry though. Anyway I like the packaging, perhaps because it’s smooth to the touch and I don’t know, cute, like mini barrels from the near spacey future.


Coffee milk. I assume the plastic triangle shape is to make it easier to recycle. It does make it harder to drink without a straw, or a pair of scissors to cut a corner off.


Okay, milk in a bottle. Not really that unusual, except for the fact that it’s DMZ Milk (there is also DMZ Rice). Tastes like normal milk, no hint of landmine.


One comment

  1. no hint on landmine. Ha ha ha ….

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