10 Months.

April 29, 2009

Okay okay, I know some of you hate this picture… but I think it proves a point. So I’m going to post it anyway.

First, this is a picture of me in the summer, around the first week I was here:


Look at that newbie innocence! That cheerful smile! Oh, I was adorable, once.

And here’s a recent picture of me now:


This is what some would call the face of evil. Any vanity/”16 Year Old On Myspace-ness” hinted at in this picture is totally ironic. Or not.

Or here’s a better, but no less cam-whorey (that would erase the essential Koreaness of it) version.

Photo 22

Now, doesn’t that prove a point? As in, aren’t you glad I started using whitening cream and got that eye surgery done?! I kid, I kid.

I guess 10 months anywhere will change anybody. I suppose I’ve become a more…. well, maybe I’ll leave that opinion up to you.

Two months left. Yay?


One comment

  1. Yeah, you do look cute in that second pic 😉

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