Oh Incheon, We Need to Talk.

April 21, 2009

dscf1259When I say I live in a shithole, I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. I mean, I do live next to a huge sewage disposal plant. Also pictured: the men\’s only poolhall which is next to the sex shop which is next to a chicken place next to my house.

Lately, it has been brought to my attention that  I live in the ghetto. Please bear in mind that what is ghetto in Korea (err, South Korea) is an extremely subjective term, really really really safe, instead of, well, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY safe, I guess. Incheon is the Hangul-ified New Jersey, I\’ve decided; with its huge factories (I live next to the big Daewoo Plant, p.s.) and Seoul-inferiority complex. Also, apparently my neighborhood is one of two that \”people are afraid of getting beaten up by teenagers in\” and the guys \”wear their pants too tight.\” AND, there\’s middle school student I have whose voice reminds me of Fran Drescher (or is that Long Island?).

Anyway, point is, Incheon is trying to be a city on its own. Apparently there\’s some sort of 2009 World Expo here and there have been tons of ads for the city all over metro stations. Here is one.


Alright. Yeah, looks nice, right? What\’s the problem?

Problem is: It isn\’t real. This is what the Incheon coastline/skyline looks like:


(I don\’t have a better one, sorry. Maybe because it isn\’t really worth taking pictures of.)

And that\’s fine. What\’s a little photoshop embellishment between cities?

Side story: Russell and I like playing this game with pictures of places in South Korea. We play, you think it\’s \”Photoshop or Summer?\” Because summer is really nice here, all verdant and nice looking, whereas the other seasons, don\’t fair as well visually (winter = \”impressive ugliness,\” Russell deems it; I call it, \”brown as shit plus gray buildings.\”)

But then we noticed something else. Look closely for a second here.


Um. Isn\’t that the Transamerica Pyramid? In San Francisco?!

Upon closer inspection, we saw a building that supposedly will be built in Incheon, a few selections from the San Diego skyline, and finally…


The Sydney Opera House.

Incheon– really, who are you trying to fool? You can’t go around masquerading as other cities like this! You should be confident in who you are! Even if you are kind of, a gray industrial wasteland at the moment… but you know, it’ll get better.

Maybe I’m reading this the wrong way. Maybe this is about the “World Expo” which means to imply that the different cities of the world are coming to Incheon. I guess that could have been the point. I can see that, but, really Incheon, you could have at least tried to put some semblance of reality in there. I also doubt that shiny cruise ships drift across Incheon’s pristine blue harbor water.



  1. […] I have elaborated on the inconsistent nature of this ad in a previous post. […]

  2. hahaha….this was obviously written before Songdo, which is probably what the picture is trying to represent(?)…And BTW, only RICH Koreans live in Songdo, the rest live “ghetto” areas…

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