Not a WKW post.

February 16, 2009

My friend, Jan (who got me into this crazy mess) leaves for Australia tomorrow. Kind of a bummer, but I can’t begrudge anyone for wanting a new adventure. Hope Australia is fantabulous, Jan!


In other news, should I get a polaroid camera?! Um, you know I’m probably going to get one anyway, no matter what you say. Or maybe I’ll just contemplate it for a long time, almost get one, but then decide against it at the last minute.

But look at these pictures (polaroided):


I’ve been meaning to do a write-up on hip Korea’s cafe and bossa nova culture, but I’ve been lazy. I will say that sometimes it’s like crawling into someone’s dream house (or their subconscious), some are orderly & minimalistic, some are super homey, and some have random crap everywhere. And there are like, 80 of them on a block. I would like to visit all of them, but you can only drink so many cups of coffee. For now, enjoy this robot:


I could be wrong, but I think this place is a bar where you can order drinks at the window and drink them on the street (uh, I forgot the word for that). I know it’s not drive-through… a pick-up window? Last week I forgot the word for “razor” and called it a “shaver” instead. I’m pretty sure my kids didn’t notice though.

Ever get the feeling while you’re teaching your own language, your losing your grip on it at the same time?

Also, here are some ridiculous socks:


At first I thought it was some anti-centaur bestiality propoganda (now there’s google worthy phrase for you), but on second glance, that horse has a head (as do the two humans). Is it something against horseback riding? What’s the Korean on the bottom say? Anyway, I bought them.



  1. You seem to be doing fine just “polaroiding” pictures… besides that way its better becasue they are on your comp and wont fade after 5 years. um.. and you cant get film anymore unless you get it from ebay RIP polaroid. i can ask my mom what that sock thing means.

  2. umchinah/umchinDDal (엄친아/엄친딸) means your mum’s friend’s son (아) / daughter (딸)
    it basically means the ideal man/woman, worthy of being introduced to you by your parents

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