Seven Months.

February 5, 2009

Sorry no updates. To summarize:

Only, you know, not.

But I did go to the Philippines. I did not get shanked (or shot. I just realized Yuddy got shot instead of shanked).

As for my trip, I managed to find my way through the tangle of Manila’s transit system (Seoul Subway: I ❤ you), rode up and down a volcano on a horse driven by an 11 year old, felt embarrassed by Americanness, got served by midgets, and visited relatives. All and all, a good trip.

Also I ate this for 6 days straight (in various forms):


Other than that, life in Korea has been “same same,” as they say here. My boss tells me I’ve been looking healthier lately, but I think that’s just because I bought new foundation in the Philippines. I do feel that things are going to change soon (possibly since I’m getting a new roomie, Hi Russell!). I’m ready for it, I think.

Sometimes I have trouble thinking that this is my life and not just some imaginary practice for something else.

Okay I just feel like sharing more Days of Being Wild clips:


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