It’s Winter, Officially.

December 11, 2008

Yep. The first snow was in mid-November, but that was pussy snow that melted into rain before it hit the ground snow. Now it’s legit, stays on the ground before turning into grey slush snow, makes you fall down a flight of stairs snow because you were stupid enough to buy the impractical boots instead of boots that more appropriately match your balance snow (this story is, of course, a lie, I only fell because I was daydreaming, or something, but you should see my knees, they’re spotted quite purple. Good thing I wear two pairs of tights at once. Two pairs of tights, or stockings + tights = one pair of pants).


That’s the snow on Hooker Hill in Itaewon, an area I frequent because of an English book store that’s there (p.s. lately I’ve been re-reading stuff I read in college classes, wondering if I still like them as much).

I remember there was this one winter at UCLA where it rained for two months straight, and I got a serious case of seasonal affective disorder (in between mudsliding and playing in the rain like wild children). I think snow is less intrusive than rain. It doesn’t get into your socks as much, and you can shake it off quicker. But sometimes, the coldness does have its bite, like little hamsters nibbling on your finger tips. For some reason, wearing gloves makes it worse.

One time I was walking to the station after getting out of the shower; and in the two minutes it takes to walk there, my hair had frozen and crunched when I touched it.

Anyway, I have been discovering the practical usages of scarves, as well.


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