Tiny Snippets of Days

December 4, 2008

A couple weeks ago, I bought a notebook (out of four which I carry on my person regularly, and yes, I am going crazy, thank you for asking) where I started jotting down things that happen each day. This was mainly to keep the days from running together, which they tend to do around here (“Where did this week go?” I’ll say, and then I’ll refer to the notebook to see). If you know me, you’ll know that I have this obsession with keeping memories tangible. Yesterday I found some ticket stubs from the summer (as well as some directions to some love motels?)… I really need to clean my apartment.

Well, anyway, here are some entries:


Saw a flash mob of power ranger imitators in winter coats, swinging on swings and running after each other with foam axes.



Tried to go to the (later cancelled) expat Thanksgiving, but forgot my phone at my apartment. Spent 20 minutes looking for a PC room, listening to California Dreamin’ on loop, carrying a plate of deviled eggs which was remarked upon at length by a chatty non-English speaking taxi driver. Later went to Sinchon to get burritos and go sweater shopping.


Kevin, his girlfriend, and Jade are embroiled in an elementary school love triangle. I think they are all 10.

I wish I lived in the absurdist wonderland that I’ve made Korea out to be in this blog. Most of the time, the entries are “neglected to go to the post office again today,” or “am obsessed with gelly roll pens!”

One more day to a (probably forgettable) weekend.


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