Five Months. Holy Shit.

November 30, 2008

This is another one of those “cute things that confuse me” (term coined by Mr. Fai) posts. I can’t help it. I just can’t help it.


If anyone in my family still reads this: I have no idea what they sell. I have no idea what a condom is or what it is used for. And I did not go into this particular establishment to find out, nor have I ever bought any items that would be ever found in this store. Nor have I ever listened to a sexual education class ever. As far as I know, these things are banana hats.

To everyone else: So adorable! I especially like the little happy >o< sperm on the bottom right. Also sold in this store were: Pikachu shaped condoms (I guess “gotta catch ’em all” = catching little those little swimmers), elephant thunk thong undies, and “brack” condoms for “brack” people.


This of course, was in Hongdae. Where I also went to the Street Fair this weekend and looked at little floral print wallets… until I noticed that they were, indeed, femmine sanitary napkins. I also bought a set of postcards of lightbulbs with faces. No reason.

In Insadong, there also was this exhibit:


Bad. Ass.

Also, I feel like there’s a Chuck Norris joke here that I’m not lame enough to tell.

Other cute things that confuse me: my students. I’m procrastinating right now. I’m supposed to be writing evaluations that say things like “blah blah blah is a good student, but never speaks in class and needs focus” rather than what I really would say, like “blah blah blah is a horrible student, never shuts up. I am not entirely sure he knows the English alphabet.” One of these days I’m going to write a school post (filled with pictures of monsters that I had them draw for me because I was feeling depressed). So, wait for that.

In other news, I have been staving off the loneliness of the weekends (which admittedly, there has been a lot of) by hanging out in cafes, writing one (of four) diaries/journals/notebooks, drinking 6,000 won cups of tea (in a country where 5,000 won gets you a meal + multiple side dishes), and listening to New Yorker podcasts. Also, been abandoning Bupyeong for Hongdae a lot. Is dancing in basement club to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” with a bunch of hipsters at four in the morning cliche or comforting? I think both. Also, went to Sinchon today and got good burritos. Where they really good or am I just forgetting the taste? Who knows.

I can’t believe I’ve been here for five months already. It seems like everything and nothing has happened all at the same time. It has been very strange. I blinked and it was December. Maybe I’ll blink again and it’ll be time for me to come back? To what, I wonder.



  1. This one is more of a “cute things that I know you know don’t confuse me but let’s not talk about it” post. Please consider expanding the paragraph “If anyone in my family still reads this:” into a full length diatribe of denial. Funny funny shit :o)

  2. Banana hats are a good way to keep them fresh. I don’t like the wet ones though, they make the bananas taste funny.

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