Things to Warm Your Pre-Winter Nights

November 7, 2008

Yeah yeah, it’s cold, you’ve heard me mention this before. Here are a few of my favorite things to keep me warm. Of course this is an incomplete list, I am overlooking a view err, obvious examples, wink wink, nudge nudge (this being the nifty heating through hot water in the floors system, naturally).

Anyway, ahem, moving on…

1. Soondubu jigae – otherwise known as hot and spicy tofu soup in a boiling stoneware bowl. Delicious! I first had this in Koreatown in LA, during my wintertime pilgrimages to BCD (P.S. the number 6 with the dumplings is the best). I think I still prefer BCD soondubu, even though I know that’s blasphemy (this is perhaps because of the BCD’s close proximity to the Wiltern and of course, the ability to go to BCD and Tito’s Tacos in one night). But anyway, actual South Korean soondubu jigae does not disappoint. I recommend putting the soup on top of your rice before eating to prevent any burnt mouths (oh but it is such a sweet pain).


2. My Yellow Totoro Sweater – This + listening to the Go! Team makes for pretty awesome nights. Also, I could buy the UCLA hoodie I never bought my freshman year in the Bupyeong Underground.


3. My In the Mood for Love dvd – Admittingly, I just wanted to post this picture. SO HOT. Hot damn!



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