In Memoriam of April’s Brick Camera 2004-2008

November 1, 2008

My camera died this week, so no pictures for awhile. Hopefully I’ll get my debit card next week so I can go to Yongsan to buy another one. Poor camera. It was a good run; I think I’ve taken it to three continents; it’s documented five years of my life; it survived mud festivals and airport friskings and other such traumas. Ah, but in the end it was too old, I guess. The new camera will probably be my first major purchase in this country.

Here is a list of stupid things I’ve bought instead of useful things I need:

– a cheongsam (strictly for Wong Kar Wai reinactments… and uh, possibly one other thing)

– a bright yellow Totoro sweater

– a necklace with a robot pendant fashioned out of computer keys

– neon purple stockings

– cutsey artsy notebooks from Hongdae

Ugh. I am a tremendously silly girl. I guess practicality has never been my forte.

Here are some things that I need:

– winter boots (it’s gonna snow! it’s gonna snow!)

– winter clothes in general

The transition from summer to fall was very very abrupt, I must say. It happened within the span of a week. One day you’re wearing short shorts and the next day you’re freezing.

Anyway, yesterday was Halloween and my school celebrated it by having the kids dress up. My director went as a super-scary Asian style ghost, lit the school in bright green light and made seven year olds (as well as a twelve year old) cry. It was kinda fun.

I’ve been here four months. No, I don’t have anything insightful to say, except right now I’m in a PC room while a guy’s girlfriend waits next to me while her boyfriend finishes up his World of Warcraft game. She could be here awhile.


One comment

  1. The second automatically generated “Possibly related posts” for this entry is titled “This is me complaining about things that aren’t that bad.” :o) Also, you must buy your camera in time to take Wong Kar Wai style art shots of yourself in cheongsam – extra points if you can get one on a motorcycle. Or with a can of pineapple. Or with two gay Chinese guys in Argentina. Or with Tony Leung.

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