Taxi Story #1

August 3, 2008

This happened about a week ago (before I was on vacation), but I figured I’d write about it before I forgot.

Three of my friends and I were coming back from dinner in Bucheon when we got into this taxi. Taxis in South Korea are great, especially if you’re sharing, two dollars to go to Bupyeong Station, about five to go to this other city. Anyway, it was going normally, until all of a sudden the taxi driver asks one of my friends, the lone guy in the bunch, “Are you happy?”

My friend considers it before going, “Well, yes, I suppose.” I think it’s odd for a taxi driver to get so existential with a passenger.

Then the taxi driver is at a stop light, and takes his time to point at every one else in the car. “Girl. Girl. Girl. Boy! Flower sandwich!”

And then we all laugh our ass off.

For the rest of the trip the driver tries different variations on the idea to see that we understand. Some of which include “pumpkin flower sandwich” and “rose sandwich.”

My guess is this is an inverse of the American idea of a sausagefest. So there, that’s your Korean terminology lesson for the day.

What came up on a google image search of "Flower Sandwich"

What came up on a google image search of "Flower Sandwich"


One comment

  1. you mean if i go to korea, i’ll be just as annoyed by the same crap?

    kidding. well, not about the kanye glasses.

    i like how asian boys (as in asian boys in asia) seem to be much more comfortable with their sexuality and can wear bright colors in combination. (active wear and bright patterns on hip-hop/skater mutts don’t count.)

    any luck with the guys? :]

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