One Month Anniversary!

July 29, 2008

Today is my one month anniversary of being in South Korea. To celebrate, I got a pistachio-almond ice cream from Baskin Robbins, bought sunscreen, batteries, and had a kimbap for lunch. For dinner, I went to “It’s Pizza” for a 6,000 won (6 dollar) veggie pizza with sweet corn and sweet potato. Very exciting. Tomorrow I’m going to Busan for vacation with a bunch of fellow English teachers. Sorry no DMZ, that’ll have to wait for next time. 

I guess it’s time to reflect on my month here. I think my general attitude towards living here is “it’s good.” Some days are better than others, as with everything. It’s strange how familiar the unfamiliar has become. I’ve kind of accepted my deficiency in the language, though I’m working on improving. So far I can buy things at the store and get into a taxi without any trouble; though ordering food at a restaurant without pictures sometimes is nodding, “yes.. that,” and waiting for a surprise. There have been some frustrating moments, some bouts of loneliness, and lots of “god, I wish cheese wasn’t like four dollars” instances but overall, I am glad I came. I think the whole experience has forced me to battle some of my more unwelcome tendencies and it’s also been very fun at times. 

And hey, I haven’t gotten malaria from all the mosquito bites. That’s a plus.

Oh also, on Friday, Andy, a kid in my class who is about 6 (8 in Korean ages) lost his first tooth. He fished it out of his mouth while we were learning the kinds of jobs there were (wherein I did some embarrassing impersonations of a model and a pilot) and held it out to me and said, “Teacher. Teeth.” It was cute. Sunny, one of the Korean teachers, taped the tooth to his textbook and told him to show it to his mother. Apparently there is no Tooth Fairy in South Korea; they throw the teeth on their roof instead.

Anyway, yay! Vacation! 

The railroad tracks at Yongsan Station in Seoul

The railroad tracks at Yongsan Station in Seoul




  1. A veggie za with sweet potato? Yes please. (When did I start speaking in sound bites?) I wish we had It’s Pizza in America!

    Have a great vacation! I typed in “Busan food” into Google images. You need to eat a big bowl of this: http://flickr.com/photos/saesae/611447296/ But, knowing you, you’ll probably end up doing something like this: http://flickr.com/photos/curoninja/344256615/

  2. FANTASTIC! It sounds like you’re doing great! Hope it’s not disgustingly hot anymore.

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