A Few of My Favorite Things

July 26, 2008

No raindrops on roses, mainly because it’s been raining like a motherfucker and I dislike trapezing around town in squishy slip-ons. Anyway, I guess since I spent the last post bagging on funny idiosyncrasies about Korea, I should do a “Favorite Korean Things” post.

Yes, most of it is food.

In no particular order:

1) Cute Things!

Cute Things!

South Korea is full of knicknacks that have cuteness as its sole purpose. I think I can get behind that. Though, yeah, sometimes it is excessive. Today I was at the 7-11 and a song devoted to Hello Kitty came on the radio. Seriously.

2) Exciting Fizzy Soda Flavors

This apple soda is my favorite. It tastes like jolly rancher, but in soda.

3) Exciting Space Age Technology

Every night I put one of those little cartridges into this machine and like magic, the mosquitos stay away! I don’t know what the hell is in it, and if I’m just spraying pesticides into the air while I sleep… but frankly, I don’t care.

4) Dippin’ Dots!

Holy shit! They have them everywhere! My favorite flavor is banana split.

And yes, South Korea is full of interesting people and has a unique culture, with its own fascinating history and tradition, etc etc. But you know, sometimes it’s just the little things.



  1. is that your cell phone (and corresponding charms)? ADORABLE. my chinese co-worker got me a little doggie cell phone charm that doubles as a screen wipe. effective and cute!

    also, loved your PC disclaimer at the end. “so, conclusion, south korea is a country of contrasts. the end.”

  2. Your keychain looks constipated. Banana split d. dots sound delicious!

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