Dumplings and Other Things.

July 16, 2008

I am coming to terms with the fact that the Bun/Streamed Dumpling Man on my street is not the best in the world ever. In fact, he probably isn’t the best one in a 100 foot radius. A lot of the time, the consistency of the dough is all wrong, and the red bean filling is all dry, and not pasty-gooey-smooth like it is supposed to be.  I’m pretty sure I’ve had better ones at Famima. But still, I go, for 1) it’s raining like a motherfucker outside and 2) I am incredibly lazy. Also, there’s the fact that he has signs up and I can point to what I want, and one night after work, he gave me free ones because his was all out of the dumplings I wanted. Besides, he’s a funny looking buck-toothed dude who sometimes doesn’t notice me for a few seconds because he’s watching game shows. In a way, it’s kind of charming.

Sometimes I wonder if this is this how I feel about Korea. That it is convenient, cost-effective, but not all that great? No, not entirely. I think a lot of it has been great, and I’ve been enjoying myself so far, meeting people, and maybe even (some) of the children I’ve been teaching. I do miss home very frequently though. I guess it’s just a given. I miss not having a job (and being in a position to not care). I miss my apartment, cable television, taco trucks, over indulging and not giving a shit. Most of all, I miss everybody very very much. But anyway, I guess most of the time, I’m just looking forward to the end of every week.

I’ve been very boring on my weekdays, a kind of lay on the floor and surf on the Internet-type. I kind of want to change that.

Anyway. yes, Mud Festival last weekend. There are some stories I could tell, but eh, most of it involves getting lost, finding people, people missing items, trying to find them, almost heat stroke, getting sprayed by a mud hose, the cold Yellow Sea, karaoke, sudden rain, and trying to sleep in a tent on top of a puddle. Really. Not all that much to say. It was very fun though. My skin got toasted.



  1. This post should have been called “Dumplings and Other Convenient Pleasures.”

    So I know I didn’t send you anything. But keep holding your breath – it will come. In the meantime, more pictures please! Of your place, of your school, of the dumpling man, of last weekend.

  2. Wasn’t the article due on Monday?

    I was about to put more pictures but wordpress was being wonky. I should take more pictures of the apartment (both you and my mom want to see them). 🙂

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