In Which I Complain About the Weather

July 9, 2008

It’s fucking hot right now. I’m not even gonna lie. It’s miserable humid and I hate it, because heat’s not supposed to feel this way. I’m so used to heat being more straightforward; sun = hot; not clouds, night = hot hot hot.

On Saturday it rained. Summer rain in South Korea has a slightly viscous quality, it sticks to your skin and is apparently bad for your health. For this, they blame the Chinese. And it’s not even the worst yet. Around here, everyone says, “well it’s not as bad as Monsoon Season,” “oh, wait until Monsoon Season.” Apparently, August is a continual downpour with an added too-hot-to-move bonus. Jesus. Man. I really don’t like my heat waves soggy. I’d take snow over this (though I’ll probably have both).

Anyway, enough complaining about the weather.

I got lost on Sunday. For four hours. I knew when I ended up at the army base and the uh, forest, that I was in the wrong area completely. I gave up around 8 pm because it was getting dark and told the taxi driver in my crappy Korean “Sangok-dong,” and apparently, I had went the wrong way on one street. The wrong way very far on the wrong street, but one street nonetheless. It seems like every corner in Incheon has a Family Mart, a Woori Bank, a church lit up with a neon red steeple. Who would have known?

Today I once again try to conquer the blank stares of 8 year olds. Wish me luck.


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