Sunday Afternoon Funny Picture Edition

July 6, 2008

Yesterday was a long day. My weekend has mostly been spent acquainting myself with South Korea’s expatriate community (in various manners). Jan, New Sean and I took a trip to Itaewon, a district of Seoul which is, well, full of foreigners. I think there might be some sort of US military base nearby. There’s an English language bookstore, lots of familiar chains, and (drumroll) a Mexican restaurant. Not Taco Zone, but tolerable. There are a few things off about it though:

Anyway, there were also a large number of foreign markets selling various items from far off countries: large jugs of cheese balls, tortillas, an assortment of international sauces and spreads (but sadly for Rich, no vegemite). There, we found this men’s cologne from… well, I guess it doesn’t really matter:

Also, next door there was a Prince Custom Clothing, providing all number of frilly ruffled shirts that would have befitted the Purple One himself.

Afterwards I hung out at a going away party for one of the teachers at Jan’s school. Apparently there are a few choice hangouts for foreigners in the area, one of which is called Saigon, a Vietnam War themed bar complete with a wall of old television sets, army uniforms, and tin helmets. There’s also a bar called Woodstock (Woody’s) where everybody ends up hanging out at the end of the night (until the early morning..meaning like 7 am). There, I was informed that I would have to learn this song and dance to gain any legitimacy with my students:

Then Jan, Ryan, Dan, and a Korean guy we met got chicken dakgalbi. With cheese. In related news, I think I might just believe in God…or at least, food miracles.

I start teaching tomorrow.



  1. yummy… horchata-tequila.

    anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you luck on your first day =]

  2. im glad that you were finally able to acomplish our long failed goal of staying out past 3 doing anything but trying to figure out what to do next while everyhting is closed. seeeee everywhere else shit stays open!

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