Happy Fourth of July! No, I Didn’t Do Anything.

July 4, 2008

Indignities of all indignities, I have a mosquito bite on my eyelid. I feel like a leper. Here’s a picture I took a couple days ago (it has since gotten worse).

My poor battered shoulder

My poor battered shoulder

Anyway, despite all my complaining about vicious insects (oh, we have red ants that crawl all over my bed too), I think I like it here. I’m slowly learning hangul in order to order food (kimbap is a dollar! Madness!) and am going to start teaching on Monday.

I have been shadowing all week. The kids are adorable, as expected. Am oddly obsessed with the size of their little hands. My favorite part of the day is when we take the kids to the van downstairs to get dropped off, and they slide into seats and hold their hands out the windows for you to squeeze them. Today I had to tell this little girl, Candy, to put her retainer back in her mouth and not wave it around at people. I also got to practice my first Teacher April Death Glare on some middle school students who were arm wrestling instead of learning how to form sentences.

Oh, and our school has a monthly song that we sing at the beginning of every class. July’s is “Upside Down” by the A-Teens. I’m not gonna say anything about the song itself, but I think you should look it up on iTunes. And then imagine a classroom full of Korean children stumbling their way through it. Then you have an idea of what I go through.

Every morning/early evening there’s this produce truck that drives around. Instead of in LA, where the sound of its arrival is heartbreakingly similar to an ice cream truck’s, it’s a recording through of megaphone announcing what it is available. My roommate says it sounds kind of like an Islamic call to prayer, but instead of like, “Allah akbar,” it’s probably “potatoes, potatoes, oranges, potatoes, oranges, peaches peaches.”

Today, I thought of banana chocolate croissants from Amandine. And Lebanese food from Sunnin. Not that stuff here isn’t tasty, it’s just… you know.

Also, I’ve become addicted to correspondence from you guys. I want more. Don’t you miss me?! God.


One comment

  1. Tell me what you think of the video. The two girl members of the A*Teens are scary!

    How in the world do those kids handle the falsetto of “when all my dreams come true”? Not to mention the teacher’s task of explaining the functions of “why-ay-ay” and “by-ai-ai”.

    I love that the produce truck has a megaphone!

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